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"Our 13 year-old cat was having difficulty moving and eating and started to show no interest in his environment.  We got the Omega fish oil and started to spray it over his food on a daily basis.  Within a month, our cat started to move more easily and could even jump up on furniture (whereas he had to normally be helped up).  His overall health and wellness improved tremendously.  He is more active and shows more interest in his environment.  We will definitely keep on giving him the fish oil in order for him to keep healthier for the remainder of his life."

Christina van der Westhuizen


"I would just like to thank Omega Treats for their amazing products.   The Salmon feed has done wonders for my dogs’ coats and skin, and they thoroughly enjoy it.   They also spin in circles from excitement over treats, and hide away to enjoy their Salmon Skin Cracklings.   I can honestly say this is the most they have enjoyed any treat and I can see the difference it makes to my furry kids’ coats.   Thank you for the amazing products and the excellent, friendly service."

Monique Nieuwoudt

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"My Dachshund, Jessie, is an old lady and about 2 years ago she started losing hair on her back.  Nothing helped, until we tried Omega Treats’ Salmon Oil. Over the next 2 – 3 weeks we noticed fine hair starting to grow back.  The Omega Oil definitely made a difference.  All our furry kids are now using Omega Treats and their coats are in top condition.  Fantastic products!  Fantastic company!"

Ellie Beets


"Our cat was experiencing what we suspect to be a food allergy.  He was scratching large holes into his flesh, removing all the hair in the area. Upon giving him Omega Treats’ dried Salmon Skins, we noticed a drastic improvement within 2 days!!  His hair started to grow back and we have not experienced the problem again.  It seems that the combination of Omega 3 and 6 oils eradicated the problem speedily.  Nothing else we tried worked.  Thank you so much Omega Treats!!"

Martin Treurnich