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Vitamin B12 - Supplying the animal’s body with ample amounts of cobalamin (cofactor in DNA synthesis) necessary for optimum health and wellness.

Vitamin D - Kept in the fatty tissues of the body and the liver. It helps promote bone health, muscle and nerve control.

Selenium - Antioxidant

Vitamin B3 - Effective metabolism

Omega 6 - Healthy skin and coat, prevents sterility, healthy growth in young animals, immune booster.

Omega 3 - Fetal development, improves the condition of eyes, skin and coat, boosts energy and bone and joint health, anti-inflammatory for arthritis & allergies, improves cognitive development in young animals and cognitive function in older animals

Protein - Healthier and shinier coat, improved skin health, lean muscle growth and a stronger immune system. Many senior animals can also benefit from high-protein foods.

Phosphorous - Prevents loose stools.

Vitamin B6 - Necessary for protein synthesis for healthy growth.

Iodine - Controls metabolic rate, maintains optimal energy levels, boosts immunity and removes toxic chemicals.

Choline - Important for aging animals. 

Choline produces the major nerve transmitter, acetylcholine.  It helps the body maintain water balance and converts toxic compounds, reducing cardiac disease.  Choline helps control cell growth and gene expression (process by which information from a gene is used in the synthesis of a functional gene product). 

Pantothenic Acid - Beneficial for heart health and builds stamina.

Biotin - Healthy skin and coat.

Product Chemical Analysis

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